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Google My Business has become the Daddy of all directories. Claiming your business page on Google will help your clinic or healthcare practice show up high in the search engines when prospective patients are searching for health services in your local area.

This is very helpful for practices that want to use health marketing to grow their business.

The good news is that it is easy to set it up. In this short post I describe the five simple steps along with screen shots of what you can expect to see.

Step One

Visit www.google.com/business and click on the green "start now button". 

Step Two

Now, type in your business name. You may see a dropdown menu as. If your business is already in it, then just select it. If not, just type in your full business name.

Step Three

Fill in your correct location details. You will see a tick box at the bottom with the text "I deliver goods and services to my customers". Typically medical, wellness or healthcare centres deliver their services on premises, so please leave this box unticked.

Step Four

Your practice' Google My Business page will be created and all that is left to do is for the page to be verified. This is  to ensure the page rightfully belongs to your business. To do this Google gives you a few options. Most commonly though they will a postcard to your address. On it, you will find a verification code.

Step Five

gmb verification cardWhen your Google post card arrives, you can finalise the set up of your page by entering the verification code. Next, upload a page profile shot that showcases your practice and add your opening hours along with other relevant details. That's it!


In conclusion...

Now you are on what is arguably the world's biggest business directory but, more importantly, your business is visible to internet users when it is most likely that they will convert from prospective to actual patient. That is, when they are searching for your services.

Wendy Coombes

Written by Wendy Coombes

I help small business and independent professionals get started with digital marketing and marketing automation, so they can attract and close more of their ideal customers.