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Are Email Newsletters Still Worth the Effort?

By Wendy Coombes on 22-Jul-2020 17:52:55

You may think them a bit twee, a bit old fashioned. Given the array of ways in which you're able to communicate with your target audience are they even worth the effort? Have email newsletters peaked and are they fast becoming a digital curiosity?

If you've pondered these questions, it might surprise you that 80% of marketers, in 2019, reported an increase in email engagement.

Newsletters are still one of the most cost effective and highest converting tools to have in your digital toolkit. One of the main reasons is that your readers need to opt-in to receive it. Effectively they are saying that they want to hear from you. So while you don't want to spam them, a newsletter with relevant topics can really boost audience engagement and conversions.

If it has been years since you did a newsletter or you're not sure where to begin, below are some pointers to get your started.

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