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A Taxing Endeavour: Inbound lead generation 101 for accountants

By Wendy Coombes on 13-Jul-2016 17:00:00

What is your professional services firm going to do differently in terms of marketing this year? Another financial year has just begun and it if you haven’t already (at your most recent partner meeting) reviewed your marketing metrics, then there is no time to waste.

Finding out which marketing activities have generated the most (and best) leads and which ones haven’t is a good starting point. If you know how each initiative has performed, congratulations, you are ahead of the game. I bet your firm is active in the digital or inbound marketing space and you’re gathering data and reviewing your metrics frequently to find out where your best leads come from and at what rate you’re converting web visitors into leads for your firm.

There is no longer any reason why your firm should not all be all over your marketing metrics. You would not devise a financial strategy for your clients without a financial goal right? Marketing needs to have quantifialbe lead generation goals that are aligned with you firm's partners' individual business development goals. 

Let's talk some more about that.

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